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I work with digital value creation in the field of compute and data intensive solutions. This field is often addressed with the technologies used to achieve the solution, with abbreviations such as HPC, HPDA, ML/AI and HTC. Common for these solutions however, are that they derive business value from computed insight. I find the term computed value to be a good description of the services I provide. My services range the entire spectrum from strategy to implementation and operation. Here are some examples:


Let me help you with independent advice on how to achieve your computed value goals.


I have over ten years of experience developing computed value strategies at the highest level, both in a political as well as a business setting.

Computed Business Value

Technology improves at an exponential rate, this leads to exponential business possibilities. Let me help you identify the business cases where you benefit the most from the use of the newest technology.


Sometimes the value of a computed service relies on technology or methods that hasn’t been invented yet. Let me help you invent technology that will give you a competitive edge.

Development & Operations

If you have identified the value of a computed service the next thing you need is someone to implement and operate the solution. Let me help you with a business proven approach to both.


If you have a problem somewhere in the technical stack that drives your business, be it bugs, performance or something else, let me help you out by applying my 20 years of experience. I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.


I’ve had the priviledge to work on computed value projects that span the entire breadth of the field. Here are some of the projects, please click on a project for more details.

Petascale database

Innovation, Development, Operation


Development, Operation, Academia, Science

Author, Evalutation report



Strategy, Development, Operation

Chairman PRACE


Public Speaking



My name is Anders Rhod Gregersen and I have always been fascinated with the possibilities that the exponential growth of compute power offers us. I have a background in Computer Science and mathematics from Aalborg University which gave me a solid foundation for understanding computers. Soon after I wanted to understand businesses as well, so I took a four year business degree from the same university. With that background I was ready to start my journey. I’ve been fortunate to spend my career in the tension field between academia (innovation) and business (value generation) on one axis and hands-on (development & operation) to strategic (business & political) on the other. So far the journey has been as follows:

  • 1999-2007

    The way of the UNIX system

    It all began with systems administration and software development. I learned the hard way how to ensure high service levels on complex systems.

  • 2007-2010

    The way of Computed Academic Value

    I built and operated the biggest supercomputer in Denmark and integrated it with six of the largest installations in Scandinavia, for them to participate in the biggest science experiment in the world, The Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. All in the name of science.

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    The way of Computed Business Value

    I designed, built and operated the 3rd largest commercial supercomputer in world. I developed novel technology to drive new valuable business to make green energy competitive with carbon-based alternatives. All in the name of business.

  • 2018-onwards

    Full Time Consultancy

    I’m now available to help your business get value from computed insight. Be it academic or business, strategic or operational.


Please do not hesitate to call (+45 4258 5836) or write ([email protected]) if you have any questions.