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No matter which stage of HPC adoption you are at, we have the tools and expertise to help you succeed. We find customers are at one of three stages: Discover, Develop or Deliver. Learn how we can support your business at each stage.


The Discovery Phase is an initial step in understanding the potential applicability and benefits of High Performance Computing (HPC) within your specific business context. Our approach is to collaboratively explore and evaluate how HPC can be implemented to meet your business objectives, through the analysis of your unique data sets and the capabilities of contemporary HPC technologies.

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The Development Phase is where technical solutions to business cases needs to be developed. High Performance Computing is by its very nature technically advanced, as business value is driven from scale, speed or special hardware. We have the expertise to develop, implement and operate these technical solutions for you.

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The Delivery Phase is where your HPC solutions has become a central business system your company relies on. This is where quality requirements like availability, time-to-solution and business continuation along with data governance and data compliance becomes of utmost importance. Computed Value is currently developing NEXUS, a framework for Business HPC, to address these requirements.

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High Performace Computing is our passion

Computed Value was founded to enable business access to the valuable insight of High Performance Computing.

Computed Value, founded by Anders Rhod Gregersen, has established itself at the forefront of the commercial high-performance computing (HPC). The foundation of Gregersen's pioneering work in HPC traces back to his academic endeavors, where he applied complex computing techniques to facilitate groundbreaking research, such as the development of antenna-less mobile phones and the analysis of data from the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. This early engagement with HPC not only showcased its potential to drive significant technological advances but also equipped Gregersen with a deep understanding of how to harness this power beyond the confines of academic research.

Transitioning from academia to the business world, Gregersen identified an opportunity to leverage HPC to transform commercial enterprises. At Computed Value, he successfully applied HPC methodologies to enhance business processes, enabling companies to gain new insights into sales, service, and product development. This strategic application of HPC has proven to be transformative, leading to improved sales performance, the creation of new revenue streams, and the development of superior products in a more efficient manner. Gregersen's efforts have demonstrated the extensive benefits of integrating HPC into business strategies, marking a significant milestone in the field's evolution.

Despite the clear advantages, the adoption of HPC within the commercial sector present several challenges. Key among these are the need for compelling business cases to justify HPC investments, the technical complexities associated with implementing HPC solutions, and the high standards for quality, such as reliability and data governance demanded by businesses.

Gregersen's achievements culminated in his election as chairman of the Industrial Advisory Committee to PRACE, a pan-european effort aimed at developing a world-class supercomputing ecosystem in Europe. This position brought to light the necessity of making HPC accessible to a broader range of businesses, beyond just the largest corporations. Through Computed Value, Gregersen is championing the commercial viability of HPC and fostering its democratization across Europe, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can harness the transformative power of high-performance computing to propel their growth.

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